The One and Only Ultimate Guide to Choose Outdoor Wireless Speaker

A few years ago, we were all about those huge stereos, in-house sets. But time flies and people change. Now we want something more versatile, easier to move around, even taking out with. You began to travel more, have more beachy time, do more camping vice versa.

And eventually, a portable headset is not enough anymore. You want something loud and wild for you to party around with your buddies in nature. But it also has to be comfortable and small to carry around, and the sound quality must be excellent.

In all of a sudden, choosing an outdoor wireless speaker is not simple at all with the current technology market. But no more worries, we will walk you through how to choose the right outdoor wireless speakers.

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Why Outdoor Wireless Speakers?

Before diving in all the tips, tricks, and instructions on how to choose the best outdoor wireless speaker, you might want to know why you need it. Having wireless speakers gives you the ability to play high-quality music anywhere you want. Even if it’s at a beach in California or you’re into the woods in Europe, it can do the trick for you. What’s better than some music on a picnic or while camping?

But isn’t it what a phone can do? We know you will ask that. Of course, a phone can play music. But are you comfortable leaving your phone out in the wild, not in your pocket? We guess not. Besides that, in a large, open area, even if you set your phone volume to the highest, it is still not satisfactory to hear at all. And that’s when an outdoor wireless speaker comes in handy. Easy to use, simple to set up, are you down for it?

Set Your Budget – How Much Do You Want To Spend?

People always think of big brand names as better quality products. It’s true, but it also means higher prices that might break your bank. There are far more “infamous” brands, but their wireless speakers will worth every penny of you. You may come to a surprise to know how incredible these lowkey speakers can be based on their sound output.

Set your price range, how much are you willing to spend on an outdoor wireless speaker? If you want to go all the way up for high quality and luxury brands, that’s cool. But as most of us will not want to spend that much money, a bang for the buck product that can do its job well is reason enough.
And if you’re struggling with deciding which brand or specific product to choose, check out The Waterproof Lab. They’ve made some quality reviews on outdoor wireless speakers, and that’ll be useful for you.

Understand Your Favorite Music Profile

Sounds weird, right? Nobody has told you about this before. But we’re definitely not them. What kind of music do you often go for? We’re asking you about this since, depending on what you want to hear, your choice of speakers may vary.

If you’re an EDM or R&B kind of person, products that concentrate on bass and treble will sound far better. Meanwhile, if you’re entirely heavy-metal, consider picking up low-frequency speakers. So remember, depending on your favourite music type, you’ll end up with a different product list.

Know Your Sound Environment – Where Would You Bring Your Speaker?

The environment will have some features that affect your outdoor wireless speakers’ sound distribution. Large open spaces like in the woods for camping, at the beach, or in a rooftop space will require a different audio quality in comparison with a small backyard.

Consider picking up a single-point speaker since they create a more even sound distribution as you carry it around on your trip. But if you’re setting up a sound system for your garden, a ceiling speaker is another great idea. Wireless speakers also give you the merits of not worrying about wires, which is exhausting sometimes. Much simpler setup, easy to use, no wonder why people are changing into these bad boys.

Weight And Compatible

If you’re trying to find an outdoor wireless speaker for traveling with, the weight is an important feature that you will want to examine carefully. We know you’d never, ever want to pack a huge, massive speaker that weighs up too much on the trip. Saving you more space but still having a stable sound distribution, new generations of wireless speakers started to come into the market in recent years and are killing it.

Compatibility is vital, as well. You will not want to bring a product back home, turning it on, then figuring out it is not compact with your device (mostly laptop and phone). Currently, on the market, there are two types of wireless speakers: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Apparently, we are all comfortable with that Bluetooth connection, it’s easy, you can connect it anywhere. One small downside is that there is a limit with its range. You can only stay connected within 10 meters radius.

Wi-Fi-based products, on the other hand, are doing much better with the connection. You can play music in one room upstairs while controlling it in the kitchen. But networking through Wi-Fi is quite technical to do on your own.

How To Control Your Outdoor Wireless Speaker?

Are you using a remote? Yes, that will do the job, but is it cool to do? No.

Buttons? Worse.

How about voice control? Impressive.

Technologies are getting more and more advanced than it’s ever been, so why do it in the old ways only? Modern wireless speakers can now be controlled over your phone or even via voice command, and that’s what we called world-class convenience.

When it comes to outdoor wireless speakers, follow our instruction, do some proper research. Don’t go for luxury brands immediately or blindly jump into a conclusion. An electronic product such as a wireless speaker is a staple item of yourself, fits your specific usage requirement, so take time with it.

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