Outdoor Speakers: Easiest Ways to Wire and Install Just for You

Premium sound quality while partying around the backyard, that sounds awesome. Enjoying the best music quality right at your place is just a remarkable idea. Who doesn’t love some favorite music while soaking in the hot tub or enjoying a yoga session in the backyard? But wiring them is something that seems a bit tricky to do on your own. Or isn’t it?

In today’s blog, we will give you full instructions on how to wire your outdoor speakers. Started with what to prepare, how to choose the right spot, and finally wiring tips. Everything you need, here we’ve got you covered.

Wiring your outdoor speakers seems complicated, but once you’ve followed our ways, it’s going to be extra simple. And if they can do it, seamlessly wire their speakers, so can you. Let’s get started, shall we?

Have A Look At Your Outdoor Speaker’s Manual

Outdoor Speaker
Every outdoor speaker always comes with a manual book, or as we all know: the instruction. It will walk you through how to install the products with ease. Guidance from the brand will give you a thorough outlook of the entire process, which will be much easier when you start working on it.

So if you think you’re Mr-Know-It-All and want to skip the instruction, we hope you’ll think again. The pieces may look simple, but what if you plug them all in, and they won’t work? You’ll have to walk back to the instruction later to figure out what’s wrong. So starting with reading the manual will save you a ton of time, buddy.

Check For All Product Parts & Test The Sound

Once your outdoor speakers have arrived, check them immediately to ensure all parts are available there, and nothing goes missing. If there are any problems, contact your sellers right away.

Once you’ve finished checking your package, then it’s time to check the product quality. Don’t waste your time wiring everything neatly, then figure out that the product won’t work. Bring them inside, plugin, and play some music. Make sure all the buttons work correctly, and the sounds are up to your expectations. You can still return them if there is any fault. And when you’re satisfied with what you’ve received, with the sound profile and quality with several songs, it’s time for the next steps.

Choose Where To Place Your Speakers

It’s crucial to determine where you’ll locate your outdoor speakers before installing them. It depends on your products at most. In this circumstance, we will not talk about outdoor wireless speakers since they’re already easy to place and carry. But if you still want to know now more about wireless speakers, click here.

We’ll talk about your wall, ceiling, and even standing speakers. Some should be mounted on the walls and need some sort of support, while others only need to be wired and placed in the corner. But with all types of speakers, we suggest choosing weather resistance products, they still need some protection.

Plus, it’s best to place your speakers near your socket to minimize the wiring job to do. But if that’s not available, it’s alright.

Lay Out Your Tools – Let’s Get Technicals.

All the installing processes will take up two to three hours, so it’s better to lay out all your necessary tools for saving time. No one wants to go back and forth from the backyard to the garage, searching for tools.

We’re living in the decades of blessing, where all household stuff is always ready, so you don’t have to prepare them from scratch anymore. Speakers mounted kits are available online or at most household stores. So grab one or two of those, depending on the number of outdoor speakers that you have. And here is your checklist to all the tools you’ll need:
Additional cord
Outdoor pipe to hide your wiring and keep them waterproof.
Electrical tape
Wire stripper
Wall-mounted kits
Nails and screws
And that’s it. Pretty simple and not many things to take care of. Now you’re ready to start working on it.

Wiring Your Outdoor Speaker – Simple As It Is

First, inspect your walls. Determine where the wires would go and consider if you can tuck them neatly with a staple, or you’ll need some good electric pipe for a much cleaner look.
Next, if you have to wire quite far from the socket, check if you’ll need additional wiring or not. Mind your length is essential because realizing you’re running short while doing it is not fun at all. To prevent that, consider adding additional length to your speakers’ electrical cord. Just as we always say, you should instead have some excess rather than caught short.
If the distance is too long, you should do some drilling. Drilling a small hole, which is enough for the electrical pipe to go through, and that’s it.
Finally, connect everything, attach the wires to the speakers, and tape them with electrical tape for safety. Then all you need to do is run a test on your speakers, and you’re good to go. All the things left are to hide the wire neatly and avoid them from any damages that might happen. Cleaning up everything, and you’re done.
As some might think, standard cords are enough, why wasting on electrical pipes, we have some reason for you. It’s our advice, you can consider it if you don’t want to have pipes around. But these guys will help protect your system under weather elements. Naked wire and damp ground are hazardous as we all know, and you’ll not want to go risky on that. Another reason is that you’ll never have to worry about accidentally cutting them, especially with an outdoor, exposed cord in your garden.
And now, when all things are done, it’s time to sit back and relax while listening to your high-quality music outdoors.

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